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Budgeting My Life

Buy Nothing Day 2017

Today is Black Friday and there are so many deals out there. But the truth is I don’t need them. I am not shopping today. In fact, I am kind of coming around to the realization that while I don’t mind shopping I kind of hate spending money. I hate having to log into my budget software and see my balance drop lower and lower.

Maybe it’s holiday hangover (thank goodness not a real one) or the fact that you can’t blink your eyes today without seeing information about a “great” Black Friday deal but I’m feeling very bah humbug today. It’s officially Buy Nothing Day, ironic since I’m pretty sure most Americans unofficially celebrate Buy Everything Day today.

Since I’m buying nothing, I’m going to spend the day making something. Spending the day at home in my office working on building my new business will be less stressful, more rewarding, and ultimately add income to my life.

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