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Question: If you wanted advice about your toothache, would you ask a dentist or a ballerina?

Probably the dentist.

I am sharing my finances and financial journey with you and aiming to be as transparent and honest as possible. That being said, please remember, I am not a certified financial professional. Here at EightySixDebt I do the best I can to present well researched and accurate information as of the day an article is posted. The information may become outdated over time so please be sure to do your own research and due diligence before making any financial decisions.

For any major decisions please consider seeking the advice of a Certified Financial Planner who is a “fiduciary” which means they have pledged to work in your (the clients) best interest. This seems obvious, but not all CFP’s are held to those standards. A nonfiduciary CFP has to give you advice that fits you, but not necessarily advice that is ideal or in your best interest. For more information on choosing a certified financial planner check out this Wall Street Journal article.



Privacy Policy

I take privacy seriously. And fully believe in the golden rule – I am not going to do to you, my readers, anything I wouldn’t want to be done to me. So for privacy this means I will never sell any information you give me.

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This site does use cookies to store information about your preferences and history to make your experience here better. If you wish to disable cookies due to privacy concerns you can control that through your browsers privacy settings – though you should know that if you disable cookies completely it can cause certain sites you use to not function properly.


Affiliate Disclosure

Some links used here on Eighty Six are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after visiting a link on my page I will get a small referral fee. You are in no way required to purchase anything via a link on my site to read, learn and enjoy all the information that is posted for free.  Again I encourage you to be sure any product you purchase my recommendation fits you and your needs. Just because I love something doesn’t mean it is a fit for everyone.

I do want to admit that some bloggers seem to go affiliate crazy. Posting links in every article and sometimes they seem to push more products than they do actual informational articles. And I hate when bloggers I love get too salsey. So I promise to be transparent about what links are affiliate links and to only share and suggest services and products that I have actually used.

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