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I want to share products and services that could help you save money, time, and help you reach your goals.

Some of these you may have heard of, and some maybe not. I love finding new and great products from other bloggers, so this is where I’m going to share my favorite things. Everything on this page is a product or service that I have and do really use. While there are some affiliate links, I loved these products before I ever decided to start a blog.

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Financial Products I ♥

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You Need A BudgerYNAB or  You Need A Budget* has completely transformed how I manage my money and watch what I spend. With great tutorials and a ton of flexibility, it is well worth the annual cost of the service it provides. [/su_column]

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I have been a Capital One 360 customer for years. It is a fee-free account with amazing interest rates for checking and savings accounts. I have never had any problems and whenever I need to call them the customer service is excellent.[/su_column]

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This is the only source for your free credit reports that is authorized by Federal law. Your credit reports matter. I like getting one from each credit bureau spread throughout the year so I can monitor my credit without paying for a full report.


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While I have heard that Personal Capital makes a great investing tool I haven’t gotten to the investing stage of my financial journey yet. I use it to track my overall net worth. Log in to your accounts and Personal Capital will give you some great visuals to better understand where you are financially – allowing you to better plan for the future. And best of all? It’s Free.[/su_column]

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I am new to Ally Bank. While I could just use a savings account with my regular Capital One 360 account I wanted to check out Ally because it has a higher interest rate and gets great reviews. And so far everything has gone great. Their mobile app is aces and I have no complaints. Definitely worth checking out.[/su_column]

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